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English Title Name of Festival Festival Country Festival Month Festival Year Jury Members Director Director's Country Citation Film Website
The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea May 2020

Jinna LEE (Ulju Mountain Film Festival Programmer, Chairman/ Korea)
KIM Yi-seok (Film studies professor/ Korea)
KIM So-hee (Film Critic/ Korea)

Pushpendra Singh India The Shepherdess and the Seven Songs successfully retranslates 14thC literary treasure into lyrics...
Happy Old Years Bangaluru International Film Festival India February 2020

Italo Spinelli (Italy) Chairperson
Reza Fahriyansyah, (Indonesia)
Andreas Ungerbok, (Austria)
Shyamaprasad, (India)
Aravinda Navada, (India)

Napoli Thamrongrattanarit Thailand for Its original sophisticated and intricate analysis of the dynamic within family relationship.
Nasir International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands February 2020

Prof. Zakir Hossain Raju (Bangladesh) Chairperson
Dan Koh (Singapore)
Arleen Cuevas (Philippines/Netherlands)

Arun Karthick India
I WeirDO Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival South Korea July 2020

Ji-hoon JO - (Korea) - Chairperson
Sanghoon Lee (Korea)
Ms. Hye Yooung Cho (Korea)

LIAO Mingyi Taiwan “I WeirDO remarkably shows the power of storytelling and wonderful imagination based on genre”
Star Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival Philippines August 2020

Ms. Jeannette Paulson Hereniko (USA/Hawaii) – NETPAC Member - (Chairperson)
Ms. Sari Dalena (Philippines)
Raymond Red (Philippines)

Carla Pulido Ocampo Philippines “for its magical but very convincing depiction of how women are boxed into stereotypes by...
Suburban Birds QCinema International Film Festival, Philippines Philippines October 2019

Richard Bolisay (Philippines)
Toshiyuki Hasegawa (Japan)
Claire Marty (France)

Qiu Sheng China for its profound and lyrical exploration of folklore and companionship in the era of relentless...
Last Night I Saw You Smiling International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Netherlands Netherlands January 2019

Ms. Diana Ashimova (Kazakhstan) – ©, Clarence Tsui (Hong Kong), Sang-Yong Lee (South Korea)

Kavich Neang Cambodia for its polished technique and a poised representation of how people confront changes in a... http://www.antiarchive.com/lastnightisawyousmiling.html
A Family Tour Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas, France France January 2019

Freddie Wong (Hong Kong) - ©, Dr. Mrs. Sharofat Arabova (Tajikistan), Ms. Shahla Nahid (Iran/France)

Ying Liang Hong Kong Awarded for in-depth universal portrayal of human conditions across borders in the world... http://www.goldenscene.com/
Sivaranjini and Other Women Bengaluru International Film Festival, India India February 2019

Mark Schilling (Japan) ©, Cuneyt Cebenoyan (Turkey), H.M. Ramachandra (India)

Vasanth India
Naticharami Bengaluru International Film Festival India February 2019

Asif Rustamov (Azerbaijan) Chairperson, Dr. K. Puttaswamy (India)

Mansore India for its brave theme, sophisticated narrative of issues of an urban woman from male perspective Website: https://www.facebook.com/NathicharamiFilm/?tn-str=k*F
The Narrow Red Line Fajr International Film Festival , Iran Iran April 2019 Dr. Ms. Latika Padgaonkar (India) - ©, Aijaz Gul (Pakistan), Gholamreza Mousavi (Iran) Farzad Khoshdast Iran for its tightly knit tale that gives a humane perspective of young criminals and of the...
The Sun above Me Never Sets Moscow International Film Festival, Russia Russia April 2019 Usman Ghafoor (Pakistan) - ©, Rashid Makikov (Uzbekistan), Ms. Elena Khvan (Russia) Lybov Borisova Russia The film is an honest and unpretentious depiction of human bonding that transcends barriers of...
To Heaven, To Gather Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea South Korea April 2019 Jero Yun (South Korea) – ©, Nishitani Kaoru (Japan), Ashley Ratnavibhushana (Sri Lanka) Chang Liyue Taiwan We found that the subject of this delicate film was treated in a very intuitive, original and...
The Harvest Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea South Korea May 2019 Richard Bolisay (Philippines) – ©, Koyo Yamashita (Japan), Myungsoo Suh (Korea) Misho Antadze Georgia for raising the issues of labour and production through a subtle juxtaposition of agriculture and... http://mishoantadze.com/index.php/project/the-harvest/
John Denver Trending Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Philippines Philippines August 2019

Ms. Indu Shrikent (India) Chairperson, Kan Lume (Singapore), Jerrold Tarog (Philippines)

Arden Rod Condez Philippines for an unflinching look at mob mentality in the digital age and convincingly taking us through...
Disconnection Notice Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Philippines Philippines August 2019

Ms. Indu Shrikent (India) ©,
Kan Lume (Singapore),
Jerrold Tarog (Philippines)

Glenn Lowell F. Averia Philippines for effectively portraying the relationship of two brothers seemingly lost in the chaos of Metro...
In Between Spaces Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, Philippines Philippines August 2019

Ms. Indu Shrikent (India) ©,
Kan Lume (Singapore),
Jerrold Tarog (Philippines)

Don Senoc Philippines for its sensitive portrayal of love and caring between siblings, showing their heart-wrenching...
Kabul City in the wind El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt Egypt September 2019 Ms. Gulnara Abikeyeva (Kazakhstan) ©, Ms. Nada Azhari Gillon (Syria/ France), Hasan Haddad (Bahrain) Aboozar Amini Afghanistan The film is filled with humanity, beauty, truth of reality and made in the best cinematic way
Great Poetry Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, Vladivostok, Russia Russia September 2019 Keoprasith Souvannavong (Laos/France) ©, Ms. Andronika Martonova (Bulgaria), Sergei Dioshin (Russia) Alexander Lungin Russia for its brutal depiction of modern social issues about post war trauma and friendship, served by... www.addressfilm.ru
1982 Toronto International Film Festival, Canada Canada September 2019 Ms. Beckie Stocchetti (USA (Hawaii) - ©, Ms. Kanako Hayashi (Japan), Albert Shin (Canada) Oualid Mouaness Lebanon for its adventurous, imaginative style and subtle, confident filmmaking, bravely juxtaposing and...

Congratulations Bong Joon Ho

Congratulations to Bong Joon-ho TXmvGYanrJgMzRNgaSEK The victory of Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, at the 92nd Academy Awards (aka the Oscars), is a clear sign of global change. The history of cinema is being written on our eyes! For the first time, the most prestigious cinema awards were given to one film - the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film festival, the Best Asian film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the Oscars. For the first time, we see such unanimous acclaim of one film. Read More...