Aparisyon wins the NETPAC award at Hawaii International Film Festival 2012

Aditya Friday October 26, 2012

Aparisyon Wins The NETPAC Award At Hawaii International Film Festival 2012  

Aparisyon  (Philippines/Betacam SP/Tagalog/87mins)

NETPAC Jury: Vilsoni Hereniko,  Keoprasith Souvannovong,  Deng Chaoying

Synopsis: It is 1971, and the sisters of the Adoration monastery lead quiet, insulated lives in a remote town in Rizal. Mother Superior Ruth leads the group in its prayers and daily rituals and prides herself in keeping the nuns removed from the vices and vicissitudes of the outside world. Young and fairly new, Lourdes joins the monastery and gets introduced to the cloistered life. Shortly after, Remy, an extern nun, gets an unexpected visit from her mother telling her that her activist brother has been snatched away. Deeply troubled, Remy asks Ruth for an indefinite leave of absence to help her family search for her brother. But Ruth turns down her request, reminding her of the increasing importance of prayer during that time of crisis.Behind Ruth’s back, Remy starts attending meetings of families whose relatives have gone missing, something that Lourdes discovers when she accompanies Remy on an errand in town. One afternoon, the meeting in town that Remy and Lourdes attend ends well into the evening. On their way back, deep in the woods leading back to the monastery, they fall victim to violence. Devastated, Ruth, Remy and Lourdes must individually grapple with the emotional aftermath.(Synopsis written by Cinemalaya)

Citation: "for its courageous exploration of religious faith, guilt and forgiveness through masterful storytelling and visual imagery"

Print Source: Autodidact Pictures, Milwaukee

757 N Broadway Ste 300

Milwaukee, WI 53202-3645


by NETPAC Bureau

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