SAARC Film Festival 2013 Calls for Entry

Aditya Monday April 29, 2013

The SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Film Festival held in Colombo, has over the last two years gained momentum for promoting some of the best films from the SAARC Region. Awards are given as incentive to continue producing good films for the region. The Festival will take place at the National Film Corporation Cinema Hall, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The SAARC Film Festival will focus on films - features and documentaries - made in 2010-2012, inviting also directors of these movies for workshops.


There will be two open categories at the SAARC Film Festival this year. All Member States are required to nominate TWO (2) Feature Films and Two (2) Short Films for submission to the SAARC Film Festival 2013. The Short Film should not be more than 30 minutes in duration. These films should have had its first screening within the time period of 2010- 2012. The films nominated will be eligible for the SAARC BEST FEATURE FILM and BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM award. A Silver and a Bronze medal will also be awarded for both categories.

-  All nominated films require a duly filled form of participation (available @ www.saarcculture.org)

-  Acceptable screening format is 35mm Dolby/DTS System, Cinemascope widescreen

- Films submitted in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.

- A dvd copy for censorship clearance should be submitted no later than 2nd of May 2013.

- Member States must send in names of nominated films, together with running times, and names of Directors, on the duly filled form no later than the 2nd of May 2013.

- Nominated Films, with necessary details as requested need to be sent through the relevant Ministry concerned, via the Foreign/External Affairs Ministries in the Member States to the SAARC Secretariat.


The SAARC Cultural Centre also calls for participation of Film Directors of the nominated films to be screened at the Festival. The Directors will participate in a workshop.


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