Festival Reports

The 15th edition of Black Nights International Film Festival

Aditya Wednesday December 14, 2011

The 15th edition of Black Nights International Film Festival was held from 18th till 30th November in the historical city of Tallinn.

The Festival includes the following sections:

International competition EuroAsia

Regional competition – HEAVE (i) N Baltic feature film competition

Non-competitive sections 

Additional official awards:

Award for Best Asian film by the jury of Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC)

Audience Award scholarship of 2000 Euros from the city of Tallinn

Lifetime Achievement Award

And it was an opportunity for the films to be studied and discussed by the professionals from different nationalities.

I am always delighted to meet powerful women in the world cinema. The hard efforts of Tiina Lokk, as the director of Black Nights, and her team to hold this festival in its best way was adorable.

This year the festival was acted greatly in selecting the films. The selection includes some outstanding films of the world cinema and even some Oscar nominated films from different countries such as A separation: Nader and Simin from Iran and The Artist from France among the selected films. According to the information written in the catalogue of the festival the films in this festival were mainly the admired films in different worldwide festivals and Black Night made this opportunity for its audiences to watch the most important films of the most famous festivals such as Tree of Life the winner of Palme d’Or Prize in Cannes Festival. 

The variety of documentaries in the Documentary section was from Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog which was 3D to the documentaries made by the local youth of Tallinn. The point about documentary section was that if you had not booked a ticket you would lose the film because it was sold out quickly and that was very interesting. The selected films for NETPAC section whose jury members were me, Joonas Kiik (Estonia) and Brian Bennet (Thailand) unfortunately were not as good as the brilliant films participating in the festival although there were many very good Asian films in this festival.

Among the films in NETPAC section there were some average films such as A Simple Life from China (Hong Kong). Although it had a slow narration, it is about a sick lady living in a nursing home and her relationship with her son and the other patients. One of the outstanding points in this films is the brilliant acting of the actress in showing her suffer from sickness, her maternity feelings and human relationship.

The other one is Kotoko from Japan which shows a reasonable narration of a full-illusion life of a patient. The film has a good edit and shooting

But the selected film in NETPAC section is Mourning from Iran. It is the story of a deaf and dumb couple who are traveling to another city with their son to participate in a mourning ceremony.

The silence which took some minutes attracted the jury’s attention. On the first sequences of the film a car is riding among the colorful and green background of the roads in the North of Iran without any dialogue. After some minutes it cuts and shows inside the car and you find out that the reason of this silence is their disability to talk and hear and they talk in sign language.

The images were outstanding and it attracted the audiences’ attention with a simple narration.

Festival Report by Marjan Riahi

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