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A Letter to Prasanna Vithanage, written by Raman Chawla

Mrudula Sunday March 10, 2024
Director, Prasanna Vithanage
Director, Prasanna Vithanage


Dear Prasanna,

I trust this message finds you well. Thank you for sharing the link to the film with me. Although it was late for El Gouna Film Festival, I did have the pleasure of experiencing your film on my return from Egypt and I felt compelled to reach out and express my heartfelt admiration for your exceptional work.

Your storytelling prowess, combined with the poignant performances of Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran, created a riveting narrative that captivated me from start to finish. The exploration of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka in 2022, intricately woven into the context of a couple's fifth-anniversary celebration, added a layer of depth and relevance that resonated profoundly.

The decision to convey the unfolding events through the lens of Kesav and Amritha's relationship was a masterstroke. It allows viewers to not only witness the external challenges faced by the characters but also to delve into the intricacies of their internal struggles. The vulnerability and strength portrayed by the characters in the face of unexpected adversity were truly commendable.

The film's exploration of societal tensions, police brutality, and the impact of a traumatic incident on a marriage was both thought-provoking and emotionally charged. The way you navigated these complex themes with sensitivity and nuance is a testament to your directorial acumen.

Furthermore, the breathtaking visuals of Sri Lanka's historical places and the captivating cinematography enhanced the overall cinematic experience. The juxtaposition of the external chaos with the serene surroundings beautifully mirrored the internal conflicts of the characters.

In essence, Paradise left a lasting impression on me, prompting introspection and admiration for the artistry involved. I wanted to take a moment to convey my gratitude for the thought-provoking storytelling, exceptional performances, and the overall impact that your film had on me.

Thank you for sharing your creative vision with the world, and I look forward to witnessing more of your brilliant work in the future.

Warm regards,



Supriya Suri's Interview with Muhiddin Muzaffar

Director Muhiddin Muzaffar (1) 2 Min

1. I entered the cinema through the theatre. I was an actor in our local theatre called Kanibadam, named after Tuhfa Fozilova. After working for five years, I decided to do a theatre director course. I graduated with honors and became a director. We successfully staged performances at international festivals.


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