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Kirill Razlogov: the Guardian of Cinema

System Administrator Sunday October 10, 2021

Kirill Razlogov, an eminent academician, film historian, film critic, journalist, TV presenter, program director of the Moscow International Film Festival, member of FIPRESCI and NETPAC, Professor Kirill Razlogov passed away on September 26, 2021.

Kirill Razlogov
Kirill Razlogov


A brilliant intellectual, a subtle connoisseur of cinema, who had an incredible flair for discovering talents and guessing the director's genius from the first films, Kirill Razlogov became famous in Russia as a translator of French New Wave films more than 40 years ago. Excellent education, knowledge of several foreign languages, experience of life in different countries during his youth formed an amazing openness to the world and different cultures. Raised on the French New Wave films, he was attentive not only to European cinema, but was open to national cinemas all over the world. He was able to discern in them both the unique features of national cinematographic schools and universal human values ​​bringing together different countries, cultures and communities. Thanks to his instinct and understanding, the program of the Moscow International Film Festival annually presented films from the countries of the Asia - Pacific region and non-European regions and cultures.

Kirill Razlogov was unusually active and cheerful. The energy of a powerful personality and talent united not only specific people, but also countries and continents. Kirill Razlogov is truly a figure of the Renaissance scale, combining research and practice, cultural studies and art history, the festival movement and administrative leadership, journalism and television.

The death of Kirill Razlogov is an irreparable professional and human loss for all of us ...

Nina Kochelyaeva (Russian Federation)

Nina Kochelyaeva – Ph.D. in History, director of the Non - Governmental Organisation for development of projects and research in culture and the arts “New Institute for Cultural Research” (since 2014), Senior Researcher at the Russian Film Institute-VGIK (since 2017), associated professor at the North - Eastern Federal University named after M. Ammosov (since 2019), Teacher on film history at Nikita Mikhalkovs’ Academy for Cinematography and Theatre Arts (since 2016). Also she is program director of the Russian - British Sochi International Film Festival and Awards (since 2017), programmer of Kazan International Festival for Muslim Cinema (since 2020) and Dhaka International Film Festival (since 2020), adviser of the Eurasia International Film Festival (2017-2019), producer, she is an author of more than 90 articles dedicated to art and film history, published in Russian, English and Korean languages


6 October, 1930 - 17 March, 2022

Tadao Sato was on the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival jury in 1988 along with the other jury members- Donald Richie, Sir Lester James Peries, Richard Schickel, and Nadia Tass

Tadao Sato, as I experienced him, was a fierce and tireless advocate for overlooked Asian visual Storytellers who make exceptional films by being truthful about their specific cultures and experiences.


Kirill Razlogov

May 6, 1946 – September 26, 2021

С Разлоговым в Бусане

Distinguished figure in Russian cultural research and an internationally known film critic, Kirill Razlogov left us unexpectedly on September 26, 2021, leaving all of us deeply saddened and heartbroken.. Read More...