Letter to NETPAC Members from Aruna Vasudev

Aditya Tuesday October 8, 2019

Dear Members,

I am happy to announce that Ashley Ratnavibhushana and Philip Cheah will take over as Joint Presidents of Netpac

Nick Deocampo served as President for over a year but has resigned for personal reasons. Ashley and Philip, who have been on this journey with NETPAC from its very inception, have been asked to shepherd the organisation to its next elections in 2022. They are both committed and capable of furthering the cause of Asia - Pacific Cinema. I thank Nick for his services to NETPAC .  

The New International Board is now updated on the Board page.

The  Treasury will now operate from Brisbane, Australia, where NETPAC International is registered. Details about membership payments will be conveyed shortly. 

Let's all join in and carry Netpac to even greater heights.

With my thanks and  best wishes to all of you.

Aruna Vasudev  President Emeritus  NETPAC, International