NETPAC award winners

Aditya Wednesday November 2, 2011
16th Busan International Film Festival, 6-14 October 2011

The Netpac Award was won by the film:

Dwe Ji Ui Wang (The King of Pigs) (South Korea/D-Cinema /97 mins/colour/2011/Korean) Directed by Yeun Sang-ho

Citation “A brilliantly stylized animated thriller epitomizing the gruesome social inequality and debased humanity through the eyes of tormented adolescents with invigorating energy, emotional momentum and unsettling honesty.” 

Synopsis Two middle-school classmates Jung Jong-suk and Hwang Kyung-min are reunited after 15 years of mutual silence. They reminisce about their school days where students belonged to two groups: dogs, those from privileged families, and pigs, from lower class households. Hwang and Jung were the pigs, always bullied by the dogs, until the arrival of transfer student Kim Chul, who was like a wild boar. Kim did not tolerate being bullied and fought back with brutal violence. His presence completely disturbed the status quo on campus, and forever changed Hwang and Jung’s lives.

Print source ======Studio Dadashow Address: 2F, 82-9, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip 121-800) Email: godard21@naver.com Website: www.studiodadashow.com
  Jury members ======George Wang (Taiwan/Hawaii)  Rithdee Kong (Thailand)  Moon Seok (Korea) 

27th Warsaw International Film Festival, 7-16 October 2011   The Netpac Award was won by the film:

No. 89 Shimen Road  (Hongkong/Netherlands/85 mins/Colour/2010) Directed by Haolun Shu

Citation “For poignantly depicting the struggles of a country confronted by a new order and how this change has made their ‘old world’ a speck of a memory.”

Synopsis In late 1980s Shanghai, a 16 year-old boy Xiaoli comes of age surrounded by his neighbors and grandfather. His best friend is a girl named Lanmi, a couple of years older than him. But Lanmi slowly drifts away from him, lured by the new opportunities which come as China opens up to foreign goods and businessmen. At the same time, events in 1989 force Xiaoli to grow up and to let go of his teenage dreams.    Print source IDTV Film / Film Factory Production 1100 AA Amsterdam, Postbus 12010 The Netherlands Tel:  0031 20 314 3322 Fax:  0031 20 600 4072

Jury Members Jeffrey Jeturian (Philippines)  Amaia Torrecilla Olasolo (Spain) Konrad Wagrowski (Poland)  

12th AsiaticaFilmMediale, Rome, 12-22 October 2011

The Netpac Award was won by:

Dokhtar...Pedar…Dokhtar (Daughter…Father…Daughter) (Iran/70 mins/HD colour) Directed by Panahbarkhoda Rezaee

Citation ======"For its original approach, with an aesthetic parti-pris, through the use of sparse narrative and light as character, to depict life in a different environment."

Synopsis ======The film poetically traces the solitary existence of three sisters living in the traditional central western region of Iran, where the occasional travelling salesman serves as a distraction from the general monotony.

Print Source Nasrine Medard de Chardon, Dreamlab Films (France)  Tel/Fax: + 33(0) 493387561 Email: nasrine@dreamlabfilms.com www.dreamlabfilms.com   Jury members Nick Deocampo (Philippines) Max Tessier (France) Mara Matta (Italy)

Abu Dhabi Film Festival, 13-22 October 2011

The Netpac Award was won by the documentary film:

Marathon Boy (India/UK/USA/ 2010/HD Cam / 98 mins/ English, Hindi, Oriya) Directed by  Gemme Atwal

Citation "For the great Indian story of a child, told locally but brilliantly integrated into the problems of Asian societies".

Synopsis The unlikely subject of this shocking saga of greed, corruption, exploitation and political conspiracy is a four-year-old boy Budhia. Plucked from the slums by Brianchi Das, the master of an orphanage in Orissa, little Budhia was possessed at an early age of a prodigious talent for running. Over the next five years, Atwal follows Biranchi and Budhia's roller-coaster ride into the dark underbelly of modernizing India, riveting us to every unexpected twist and turn.

Print Source DRG 62-65 Chandos Place London WC2N 4HG  United Kingdom Tel:  +44 207 7494 5814

Jury members Gulnara Abikeyev (Kazkhstan)  Jocylyne Saab (Lebanon/France) Fatameh (Simin) Motamedarya (Iran)


by NETPAC Bureau

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