'More than the King of Tragedy', Dilip Kumar (1922 - 2021) - A Tribute

System Administrator Monday July 12, 2021
It would not be wrong to state that Dilip Kumar, who passed away earlier this week after a long illness related to age issues and pancreatic cancer, will be regarded as the greatest actor Indian cinema has ever produced. One may add that at the jet-paced speed today with which actors come and go, it is doubtful whether any Indian actor will be able to reach the peak that he did.

Buddhadeb Dasgupta: A Tribute

System Administrator Tuesday June 15, 2021
Strongly rooted in Bengali culture, politics and literature, he began life as a poet and went on to direct close to 20 films and numerous documentaries. Each of his films reflected a lyrical style and an idealist’s imagination, often with protagonists standing at odds with a practical world.

2020’s Better Tomorrows! Congrats to Parasite

Aditya Tuesday February 11, 2020

The victory of Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, at the 92nd Academy Awards (aka the Oscars), is a clear sign of global change.

Bong Joon Ho / Parasite
Still from Parasite by Bong Joon-ho


It signals that this award will no longer be only American. This is also recognition of the existence of other cinemas, especially the Asian cinema in Hollywood. Parasite was acknowledged as the best film and won three other awards – for best director, best screenwriter and best international feature.

The history of cinema is being written on our eyes! For the first time, the most prestigious cinema awards were given to one film - the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film festival, the Best Asian film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and the Oscars. For the first time, we see such unanimous acclaim of one film. Can we consider it as a real victory for Asian cinema? Yes surely, and Korean cinema that began its journey to victory in the beginning of 1980s has successfully arrived. Through this film, we understand that the world has become truly global, as are all the problems highlighted in it.

- by Gulnara Abikeyeva Netpac Board Member, Film Critic and Academic, Kazakhstan


Supriya Suri's Interview with Muhiddin Muzaffar

Director Muhiddin Muzaffar (1) 2 Min

1. I entered the cinema through the theatre. I was an actor in our local theatre called Kanibadam, named after Tuhfa Fozilova. After working for five years, I decided to do a theatre director course. I graduated with honors and became a director. We successfully staged performances at international festivals.


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