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International Film Festival of Kerala 2022 - A Report

System Administrator Monday April 18, 2022
Kerala is not just the most literate state in India but also, probably, the most cinema-literate one. One of the best organized film festivals in India, the IFFK, held from 18 – 25 March 2022, not only had audiences filled to capacity in the inaugural and closing ceremonies, but also in the many lively discussions with filmmakers, seminars, open forums and cultural events.

Asian films in ample supply - Black Nights Film Festival, November 2021

System Administrator Tuesday December 21, 2021
The 25th Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn took place from November 12 to 28, dominated by Covid-19, but not giving in to the pandemic. In this edition of Black Night Film Festival NETPAC jury was not composed due to any Asian Member living in Europe was not able to participate. But our member from Austria, Andreas Ungerboeck personally participated as a delegate.

Ninth Barcelona Asian Film Festival, November, 2021

System Administrator Sunday December 12, 2021
Since the pandemic, AFFBCN 2021 returns as an "inclusive framework" in which the latest batch of the best cinematographic works from the continent was showcased. Menene Gras, the festival’s director defines as the festival "a mosaic of local narratives that allows the viewer to discover places, landscapes and identities like no other means of communication". It is, therefore, a pluralistic and cinematic representation of political, economic and cultural diversity of the Asian continent.

Fifth El Gouna Film Festival, November, 2021

System Administrator Sunday December 12, 2021

Paradise! The first word that comes to one’s mind on reaching El Gouna, a picturesque resort on Egypt’s Red Sea, which is blue as blue can be! Both the beautiful place and the El Gouna Film Festival are the creation of the Sawiris brothers – Mr. Samih Sawiris and Engineer Naguib Sawiris.  In 5 years, El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) has been established as the most important and successful film festival of the MENA region.

43rd Moscow International Film Festival

System Administrator Wednesday June 2, 2021
Artistic techniques invented by the authors create additional energy for the film. Following the hero's feet, plunging into the shadow of his image on the wall, contemplating the once prosperous, but now almost destroyed spiritual, historical and cultural shrines, the viewer, on the one hand, touches upon the former greatness of Mosul, and on the other, realizes the monstrous consequences of the war.


Supriya Suri's Interview with Muhiddin Muzaffar

Director Muhiddin Muzaffar (1) 2 Min

1. I entered the cinema through the theatre. I was an actor in our local theatre called Kanibadam, named after Tuhfa Fozilova. After working for five years, I decided to do a theatre director course. I graduated with honors and became a director. We successfully staged performances at international festivals.


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