Founder/President Emerita :

Aruna Vasudev (India)

Advisory Council

Jeannette Paulson Hereniko (Hawaii)
Nick Deocampo (Phillipines)
Ranjanee Ratnavibhushana (Sri Lanka)
Garin Nugroho (Indonesia)
Wong Tuck Cheong (Malaysia)
Kim Dong Ho (Korea)


Joint Presidents

Bina Paul (India)
Anne Démy - Geroe (Australia)

Vice Presidents

Mohammad Attebai (Iran)
Eduardo Lejano (Philippines)

Board Members

Ashley Ratnavibushana (Sri Lanka)
Gulnara Abikeyava (Kazakhstan)
Martine Thérouanne (France)
Phuong Lan NGO (Vietnam)
Yao WANG (China)
Shannon King (Australia) Treasurer/Secretary

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NETPAC Members



6 October, 1930 - 17 March, 2022

Tadao Sato was on the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival jury in 1988 along with the other jury members- Donald Richie, Sir Lester James Peries, Richard Schickel, and Nadia Tass

Tadao Sato, as I experienced him, was a fierce and tireless advocate for overlooked Asian visual Storytellers who make exceptional films by being truthful about their specific cultures and experiences.


Kirill Razlogov

May 6, 1946 – September 26, 2021

С Разлоговым в Бусане

Distinguished figure in Russian cultural research and an internationally known film critic, Kirill Razlogov left us unexpectedly on September 26, 2021, leaving all of us deeply saddened and heartbroken.. Read More...