O Muel's Jiseul wins the NETPAC award at the 17th Busan International Film Festival

Aditya Monday October 15, 2012

O Muel's Jiseul wins the NETPAC award at the 17th Busan International Film Festival (October 4 2012 to October 13, 2012)

Jiseul (South Korea/2012/DCP/Korean/B&W/108 mins) Directed By: O Muel,South Korea

NETPAC Jury Rashmi Doraiswamy (Chairperson, India) Una Beck (South Korea)  James Lee (Malaysia) 

Citation "...for focusing on a dramatic historical event in an understated way, with stunning B/W cinematography, depicting the pathos and the psyche of the victims as well as the aggressors"

Synopsis Jeju Island in 1948. An eviction order is issued and the army assaults this peaceful island. The residents of Jeju take refuge in the Cave of Middle Mountain to hide from the army troops. They choose to live in the cave to survive but the chances are against them. Sam-chun wants to go back to the village and check up on his pigs. But the residents talk him out of it for fear that the cave might be exposed. People are confused whether they should go up higher or stay in the cave. The shroud of fear envelops the entire cave...

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