Film appreciation workshop with Prof. Suresh Chabria.

Aditya Friday December 2, 2011

Film Appreciation Workshop With Prof. Suresh Chabria. 1  

In the plethora of entertainment options, cinema continues to hold a special status, captivating and holding the viewer in a bond that is both personal and larger-than-life. What makes cinema important in an era of television and YouTube? What is the relationship between cinema and the viewer? Is film a reflection of reality or is reality a reflection of film?

In this three day workshop, noted film historian, teacher and curator, Suresh Chabria will address questions like this, introducing participants to the powerful medium of cinema. 

The workshop will delve into the nature of cinema through subjects like structure & sequencing of representative films, cinema’s position in contemporary social consciousness and experiencing reality through films through a variety of examples from feature, documentary & experimental cinema. 

In addition to Prof Chabria’s lecture, there will be sessions by other experts: film maker, Sidharth Srinivasan, film historian, Dr.Ira Bhaskar and Neel Chaudhuri, a film analyst, discussing film style and particularly Indian melodrama, analysis of technical development in cinema and presentation& discussion of his film by a filmmaker. 

Dates 16-18th December, 2011

Venue Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts &Communication, Sri Aurobindo Society Campus,Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Adhichini,  New Delhi -110017

Workshop Fees  Rs. 3,000 for General Rs. 1,500 for Students (with valid ID proof)

Film Appreciation Workshop With Prof. Suresh Chabria 2  

by NETPAC Bureau


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