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Life Without Buoys: A Conversation with Wu Tianming

Aditya Sunday December 28, 2008
When I was young, I saw a lot of films in my city, Xian. I was first interested in arts, literature, modern opera. At the age of 19,1 sawPoem of the Sea by Aleksandr Dovzhenko for the first time but I didn't really understand it. So I sold my new shoes to buy two tickets, and saw it twice more at the Peace Cinema. It was winter and I was barefoot (back home, my mother asked me where my shoes were!). Actually I saw it fourteen times to be able to understand it, and by the end I knew the dialogues by heart! Two years ago, I visited a studio named after Dovzhenfco. I was destiny!
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Jocelyne Saab (30th Apr, 1948 - 7th Jan. 2019) Jocelyne Jocelyne Saab, widely considered one of the most important contemporary Arab filmmakers, passed away after a brave and difficult battle with cancer on 7 January. Although death had long been hovering, many of us in contact only through texting or phoning, were taken by surprise, as the usual season's greetings had been exchanged with no hint that this beloved member of our film community would leave us within a week. Read More...